Jobs @ J&K Bank-CFO/CTO/CIO/CA-Finance/IT

Jobs @ J&K Bank-CFO/CTO/CIO/CA-Finance/IT


Jobs @ J&K Bank
Online applications are invited from Domiciles of the Union Territory Of Jammu & Kashmir for appointment of specialized officers in Jammu & Kashmir Bank Limited.

1. Before Applying, Candidates are requested to ensure that they fulfill the eligibility criteria for the post as per advertisement.
2. The process of Registration shall complete after depositing of fee through Online mode only.
3. Candidates are advised to refer Bank’s website under careers link regularly for details and
updates. No other mode of communication will be used in case of any change / update/information.
1. Chief Risk Officer (CRO)
No of Posts 1-One
Age Less than 50 years as on 01.05.2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Vice President
Pay Scale Rs. 68680-1960/4-76520.
Qualification Ph.D./Master’s degree preferably in Finance, Economics or related subjects.
A professional certification is a plus.
Additional Qualifications including FRM or IRM would be desirable
CAIIB / Fellow in Risk Management (FRM) will be an added knowledge.
 Minimum 10 years of experience in Risk Management in a mid / large sized
Bank either heading the Department or in leadership position.
 Candidates should have worked at least for 5 years in the rank of AVP and above
in Public Sector Banks /Private Sector Bank.
 Candidates with experience in IT functions with specific reference to Data
aggregation, Risk Data Analytics, Quantitative Modelling etc. will be given
 A sound understanding of Risk Management principles and philosophy.
 Ability to understand and interpret financial information and principles,
analyse and interpret large volumes of complex data
 Sound technical knowledge of Enterprise Risk Management methodologies,
tools and techniques. Proven track record in managing large scale enterprise
risk management project.
 Ability to effectively identify issues, analyse the problems and root causes and
provide Solutions.
 Ability to communicate and work with people at different levels and from
different background.
Human Resources Division
Corporate Headquarters
M.A. Road, Srinagar.
Phone No’s-0194-2481931-35.
Notification For the Appointment of Specialized Officers in J&K Bank
Job Role
The Chief Risk Officer (CRO) has the primary responsibility for assisting and
guiding the Chairman/MD in the development and implementation of the Bank’s
Risk Management functions. This includes the ongoing strengthening of staff
skills and enhancements to risk management systems, policies, processes,
quantitative models and reports as necessary to ensure that the Bank’s Risk
Management capabilities are sufficiently robust & effective to fully support its
strategic objectives and all of its risk-taking activities.
The CRO will be the key resource person providing in-depth expertise to the Top
Management on key risk issues and assist Chairman/MD in framing policies,
formulate strategies etc.
 Facilitates the Board and management to identify the key risks at strategic and
business / Operational levels and monitor those key risks across the Bank.
 Champions the formulation & implementation of risk management policies,
procedures, appetite / tolerance level and risk limits for managing various risks
including capital risk, credit risk, market risk, operational risk, reputation risk,
and asset and liability management. Develops & implements enterprise-wide risk
management framework and system in accordance with international standards
and best practices.
 Works with management in developing risk mitigation measures to address the
Bank’s key risks and to monitor their effectiveness.
 Assists the Chairman/MD and the executive committee with capital and resource
allocation decisions. Provides an independent view from the risk angle on
business planning and investment decisions.
 Implements appropriate risk reporting to the Chairman/MD, Bank Management
Board, Risk Management Committee and full Board.
 Works with business units to establish, maintain and continuously improve risk
management capabilities at all levels, including training and education Develops
and champions the implementation of an IT strategy to support risk
2 Chief Investment/Treasury Officer.
No of Posts 1 One
Age Less than 50 years as on 01-05-2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Vice President
Pay Scale Rs. 68680-1960/4-76520.
Qualification CA/MBA/PGDM /CFA or other relevant post graduate qualification from a recognized
University/ Institution will be preferred.
Certificate in Treasury Management, Certified Treasury Dealer Course is desirable.
Candidate should have working experience in any of the AD – I Banks for at least 10
 Candidate should have worked for at least 5 years in the rank of AVP or equivalent
in Public / Private Sector Banks.
 Candidate should have experience of working in the following Forex areas for at
least 5 years in the last ten years. Forex / Rupee Treasury (Out of which at least 2
years managing Dealing room i.e. Front Office) and should possess the knowledge
of Forex / Derivative products / Rupee Dealings.
 Candidates having experience in handling Treasury operations in foreign office will
be given preference.
Job Role  Reviewing of the reports received from various Service providers like Bloomberg,
Reuters, EBS, and Barclays etc. and advising to gain insights into Global Markets
with special reference to Indian Rupee.
 Strategy planning for the day based on Market information. Further arbitrage
opportunities in both the Markets are explored to improve profitability.
 Continuous review of the currency movement together with cross currency dealer
by conducting technical analysis for guidance of our Export/ Import customers.
 Assist & advise preparation of daily morning outlook on forex for the benefit of the
Designated branches/offices and customers of the Bank.
 Advice and suggest Management of foreign currency assets and liabilities of the
domestic operations of the Bank and also managing the monthly Gaps within the
limits provided as per Board approved policy.
 Provide the basic cost computation for pricing our Foreign Currency denominated
assets of the Bank (PCFC, BRD, FLCR etc.) to enable sanctioning authority (Credit
Wing/ED/CAC of the Board) for taking an appropriate decision for fixing Rate of
 Assisting a team of dealers and Chief Dealer to achieve the objectives of the
Treasury and Investments Division of Integrated Treasury Wing.
 Optimization of the overall yield of the Investment portfolio with active portfolio
 Attending the Morning meeting with Executive President/President Treasury,
Forex Chief Dealer and dealers to analyse the market movements and discuss short
& medium strategy and its impact on the portfolio.
 Managing & strategizing the Primary Dealership business of the Bank and ensuring
compliance of all regulatory guidelines including minimum bidding commitments,
ensuring turnover in PD business and underwriting of auction and to actively
participate in G-Sec and State Development Loans (SDL) auction
 Collection of market information from other market participants / brokers for
working out strategies and preparation of MIS.
 Monitoring of dealing in Non-SLR instruments viz. Corporate Bonds, Commercial
Papers, Certificate of Deposits, equity investments, Mutual Fund investments and
Venture Capital Funds / Alternate Investment Funds etc. and ensuring adherence
to RBI guidelines/Bank’s Investment Policy.
 Ensuring compliance of all regulatory guidelines for raising Capital instruments like
Equity Capital, Preference Shares, Innovative Debt Instruments, Tier I & Tier II
capital bonds etc. for augmenting the capital base of the Bank.
 To monitor the Inter Bank Limits fixed for Domestic Treasury as per Liquidity Policy
by ALM Section, Risk Management wing
 To monitor the Individual Exposure limits to counter party Banks, Broker limits etc.
 Should be able to predict, analyse, understand the macroeconomic trends in India
and abroad, should be able to correlate between different economies.
 Should be familiar with the technical aspects of monetary policy, Fiscal Policy etc.
in India as well as other key economies. Should be able to interpret different data
 Should be able to understand the FX, Interest Rate, Credit and Commodities
markets and should have expertise in these aspects
 Should be able to recommend tactical (short term) as well as strategic (long term)
positions /direction of the Bank in the above asset classes as well as recommend
the same to clients.
3 Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
No of Posts 1 One
Age Less than 50 years as on 01-05-2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Vice President
Pay Scale Rs. 68680-1960/4-76520.
Engineering Graduate (IT) or MCA or equivalent qualification from a recognized
University / Institution & Additional qualification like MBA.
 15 years of experience in relevant areas is mandatory. He/she should have worked
in Banking-IT related areas/projects involving IT Policy and Planning/ Financial
Networks and Applications/ Financial Information Systems/ Cyber Security
Technologies/ Payment Technologies, etc., of which five years should be at senior
management level. First-hand knowledge in supervising development of software
 Exposure to Core Banking Solutions, Mobile Digital banking, networking, server
 Strong project management skills and management of development, maintenance
and support teams.
Academic experience with exposure in participating in seminars, conferences,
research publications representing the organization
Up -to -date with the current (and future) levels of IT security, threats, vulnerabilities
that could impact the Banks digital and financial assets Responsibilities
Responsible for the entire IT environment of the Bank.
Job Role  Preparation of Technology Vision Document for the Bank. They shall be the key
resource person providing in-depth technical expertise to the Top Management and
will be responsible for identifying and implementing new technologies and
technology products.
 Coordinate with IT Vendors of the Bank and be able to bring in the Industry Expertise
for the digital initiatives of the Bank. Maintaining competitive advantage over peers
on Digital platform.
 Leveraging the Digital Ecosystem for banking in a cost effective manner
 Identifying needs and ensuring ideal software solutions are developed in a timely
manner to help increase operational efficiency and also leading edge products.
 Develop and maintain overall framework of IT policies, standards and strategies that
will empower business and people to deliver on their commitments to the strategy
and budgets.
 Define the priorities, objectives and targets that underpin what contributes to
delivery of value to business aligned with best practices and standards.
 Ensure efficiency in process / operations across the Bank.
 Identify security threats, formulate strategies and methods to mitigate the threats.
 As part of business continuity plan, ensure that there is no failure in business
operations and appropriate DR plans are in place and regularly tested for readiness
for unforeseen and unexpected events which can impact the business continuity.
 Developing long term plans to sustain and support the business, anticipating the
future trends.
 Lead strategic insight and overview of business case justifications and ROI analysis for
IT spending and initiatives.
 Ensure total quality management through uniform processes and Procedures.
 Mitigation of Operational Risk.
 Identify new areas of digital marketing opportunities and create plans to implement
them for the Bank.
 Track, analyse and monitor technology performance metrics.
4. Chartered Accountants (CA)
No of Posts 5 Five
Age 25-40 years as on 01.05.2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Sr. Executive-Scale-III, Officer
Pay Scale Rs. 42020-1310/5-48570-1460/2-51490.
Qualification He/she should be a qualified Chartered Accountant,
Additional qualification MBA Finance.
3 years as Chartered Accountant, Internal Auditor, Senior Accountant, Accounts
Job Role Preparation of all kind of income-tax, TDS Return, Balance Sheet, Profit &
Loss, Reconciliation, VAT, Service-Tax, TDS, GST, MIS, Finalization of Accounts,
Income tax Returns and Assessments, etc.
Chartered Accountant has to contribute in fields of Tax planning, capital
budgeting, budget forecasting, financing or any other activity, preparation of
books of accounts, and in every field as well. From the drafting rules to provisions
to implementation of GST, the role and expertise of CAs is to utilized to the fullest.
Other Job roles which are required:
1. Financial Accounting
2. Social Accounting
3. Taxation
4. Capital Formation
5. Economic Planning
Knowledge of Direct and Indirect Taxation, managing accounts, budgeting and
cash flow, MIS, and fund management. Awareness of internal auditing standards
issued by IIA and ICAI. Ownership of Finance policies and procedures and
ensuring the same are aligned with business needs and industry practices.
5 Economists
No of Posts 2-Two
Age 25-40 years as on 01.05.2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Sr. Executive-Scale-III, Officer
Pay Scale Rs. 42020-1310/5-48570-1460/2-51490.
Qualification Post Graduate Degree in Economics from an Indian or Foreign University,
recognized/ approved by Govt of India.
Candidates with additional qualification like “MBA/MMS/PGDBA/PGPM/PGDM (In
Finance)” will have preference.
Minimum 3 years’ experience as an Economist or Analyst with Financial Institutions
/ Banks / Rating Agencies / Analytics Firm / Reputed Brokerage Agencies. (OR)
Minimum 3 years as an Economic Researcher in any University or Work Experience
in Economic Research Division of a Commercial Bank / Financial Institution /
Corporate Organizations like CRISIL, CIBIL, ICRA etc.
Job Role  The Economists shall have key role to analyse all the economic data published
from time to time and provide inputs to the top management of the Bank on the
impact of the economic changes.
 In addition to analysing the economic data they also need to focus on:-
Various government and regulatory policies (budgets, monetary policy, deficits,
 Borrowings, interest rate policies etc.) – also includes tracking of economic
 The Economist will be responsible for providing strategic inputs to the top
management of the Bank. He / She shall also be required to analyse and
evaluate economic and financial indicators of national and international level and
assess their impact on various markets and asset classes.
 He / She may also work on costs incurred by the Bank on specific line of activities
and the returns expected from such activities.
 Any other roles & responsibilities assigned as per policies of the Bank from time
to time.
6 Engineer (Civil Engineer)
No of Posts 8-Eight
Age 25-40 years as on 01.05.2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Executive-Scale-II, Officer.
Pay Scale Rs.31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950.
Qualification Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering/ /Architecture from a recognized university.
Master’s degree in Valuation of real estate awarded by a recognized University in
India i.e. University established under State or Central Acts.
Candidates with Bachelor’s degree as mentioned above should have 5 years’ work
experience in the field of valuation of real estate after completion of the degree.
Candidates with Master’s degree as mentioned above should have 2 years’ work
experience in the field of valuation of real estate after completing the degree.
Job Role Technical appraisal to assess fair market value of property & to check mandatory
technical documents to ascertain as to whether the construction is according to plans
approved by municipal authority, to check if customer is actually an owner of the
property and has occupation certificate if required
Inspection of buildings under construction, for release of loan instalments.
 Undertake technical and feasibility studies and site investigations
 Develop detailed designs
 Assess the potential risks of specific projects, as well as undertake risk
management in specialist roles
 Supervise tendering procedures and put together proposals
 Manage, supervise and visit contractors on site and advise on civil engineering
issues oversee the work of junior staff, or mentor civil engineers throughout the
charter ship process
 Manage budgets and other project resources
 Adopt all relevant requirements around issues such as building permits,
environmental regulations, sanitary design, good manufacturing practices and
safety on all work assignments
 Ensure that a project runs smoothly and that the structure is completed on time
and within budget.
 Correct any project deficiencies that affect production, quality and safety
requirements before final evaluation and project reviews.
7 Mechanical Engineers
No of Posts 8 Eight
Age 25-40 years as on 01.05.2020 (inclusive)
Post Equivalent to Executive-Scale-II, Officer.
Pay Scale Rs.31705-1145/1-32850-1310/10-45950
Qualification Bachelor’s degree in mechanical, industrial engineering from a recognized
Master’s degree in Valuation of plant & machinery awarded by a recognized
University in India i.e. University established under State or Central Acts.
Candidates with Bachelor’s degree should have 5 years’ work experience in the field
of valuation of plant & machinery after completion of the degree.
Candidates with Master’s degree should have 2 years’ work experience in the field
of valuation of plant & machinery after completing the degree.
Other Eligibility criteria:-
 The applicant must be a member in good standing in any of the
registered/recognized Valuer Associations.
 The candidate must possess the valid proof of experience, any one
mentioned below:-
 Letter of empanelment by any Bank / FI.
 Letter of empanelment by any Court of Law in India.
 Letter of appointment as valuation consultant by Government of
India / any State Government / any Municipality / any Municipal
 Letter of appointment as valuer employee by Government of India /
any State Government / any Municipality / any Municipal
 Letter of appointment as a valuer employee by Public Limited
Company of repute engaged in the business of valuation.
 Letter of appointment as a valuation consultant by Public Limited Company
of repute.
JOB ROLE  Valuation of plant & machinery after completing the examination for release of
loan instalments
 Inspection of plant & machinery.
 Interior plant & machinery.
Online Registration
 The link for online registration for the posts shall be available on Banks website on under careers link w.e.f 03 July 2020 to 18-July-2020
 Please submit your credentials @ under careers link from 03-07-2020
to 18-07-2020
Application Fees:
Online application fee of Rs.2500/= (Rupees Two Thousand Five Hundred only) for each post
is to be paid by the candidate via online mode. However J&K Bank Staff applying for the posts
shall be exempted from payment of application fees.

1 30-day Job and 1 30-day Career Ad Network ($425)

Age Relaxation:
There will be five years relaxation in upper age limit to J&K Bank staff candidates in the eligibility
criteria for the posts of Civil/Mechanical-Engineers, Economist and Chartered Accountant
provided they have five years of regular service in the Bank.
 Selection will be through interview only. However a preliminary screening of the applications will be
carried out for shortlisting of eligible candidates based on their qualification, experience and
suitability for the post. Shortlisted candidates will be called for personal interview and final selection
will be on the basis of marks secured by the candidate in Personal Interview.
 Short listed Candidates will be required to produce original testimonials / credentials at the time of
 Selected candidates will be on probation period of Two years initially.
 Selected candidates (other than J&K Bank Candidates) shall remain outside the general cadre of
officer’s for a minimum period of 5 years and shall have to serve at any place in India as per
requirement of the Bank.
 In addition to the educational qualification criteria mentioned above, the candidates must also
fulfill the following conditions:-
 Should not have been removed / dismissed from related service (during previous
 Should not have been convicted of any offence and sentenced to a term of imprisonment.
 Should not have been found guilty of misconduct in professional capacity.
 In the event of two or more candidates having obtained the same score in interview, the order of
merit will be decided as per date of birth i.e. the candidate senior in age will be placed before/above
the candidate junior in age.
 Bank reserves the right to change/modify the selection process or withdraw the advertisement
notification at any time without assigning any reason.
 Please note, the above procedure is only valid procedure for applying. No other mode of application
or incomplete steps would be accepted and such applications would be rejected.
 In case it is detected at any stage of recruitment that a candidate does not fulfill the eligibility norms
and /or that he/she furnished any incorrect /false information or has suppressed any material
facts(s), his/her/their candidature will stand cancelled.
 Decisions of the Bank in all matters regarding eligibility, conduct of online examination/other
tests/selection would be final and binding on all the candidates.
 Online applications once registered will not be allowed to be withdrawn and/or the application
fees/intimation charges once paid will not be refunded nor be held in reserve for any other
Who can apply: The applicant must be a domicile of UT of J&K (as per latest J&K Domicile Law).
Application Mode: Online mode only
Banks Website:
President, HR

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